Short Film

Short Film


Criminal Mind


A young Man comes back home after a Weekendtrip. First of all everything seems to be normal, but as soon he locks the door, everything comes up in his mind.
He has terrible backslashes of his weekend trip and gets more and more mad. He can't stand it, that he killed his employee and finally decides to turn oneself in to the police to make it stop. After a few minutes of investigation, his psychiatrists steps...

-The Story is Based on the short story by Jörg Kalt.



Nicolas Burri


Kevin: Andreas Daniel Müller
Policeman: Deniz Kara
Victim: Lucas Studer


Camera: Christian Hofstetter
Light assistant: Konstantin Shishkin
Sound: Robin Rohner & Dimitri Bührer
Hair & Make up: Céline Arnauld
Director, Scrip, Screenplay, Cut, Grading, Sounddesign: Nicolas Burri

Voice over

News: Sera Alibese & Alexander Recker
Phone: Franziska Rall


Cut, Grading and Sounddesign: Nicolas Burri
Music: Dough Maxwell, JR Tundra
Sound Effects: Youtube Library, Freesound, Soundbible

A Filmproject for the Zurich school of Arts
Supported by Anna Luif & Michel van Grondel